Get ready for a whale of a time; Shamu
My whole team coming clean; shampoo
These dudes is comic relief; Whoopie
And I'm the motherfucking monster; cookie
When you see me better cross the street; Frogger
Then go home and write about it; blogger
Did I do that? Urkel
Yo Angela, Who's The Boss? Merkel
I'll take you where you've never been; Oxnard
Then make you suck a bulls' nut; ox nard
If Miss Moore married Josh; Demi Brolin
A comma and a fucking dot; semicolon

We run these streets; stop lights
All eyes on me; spot lights
Each semicolon brings us closer to the top

I'm loud and I'm zipping around; jet ski
Your dick is little like Wayne; Gretsky
But Gretsky's got a big dick; clarification
Everyone who's rude to me; Paris vacation
My stomach's getting fat; food
Leave trash inside my car; rude
You're acting all Machio; Ralph
But I'll eat all you cats; Alf

We run the game; umpire
Always chase the night; young squire
These semicolons are my light inside the dark

It's right under your nose, semicolon; mouth
Opposite of north, semicolon; south
Right over your home, semicolon; attic
Hooked on semicolons, semicolon; addict

We got the game on lock; toy chest
You're too big for your clothes; boys vest
You know we out of control; no brakes
Your birthday party sucked; no cakes

When it comes to punctuation
You know we're number one
And to the people of every nation
Feel the power of the semicolon
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Semicolon Lyrics

The Lonely Island – Semicolon Lyrics

Songwriters: Akiva Schaffer, Andrew Samberg, Bogdan Osipenko, Jorma Taccone, Kevin Clark White, Michael Clinton Woods
Semicolon lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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