When I was six or seven
Mama tucked me in
With a lullabye
And it made my eyes
Open wide again
I'd lie awake and wonder
Why a boy named Billy Joe
Jumped off the Tallahatchee Bridge
To the river far below

Blame it on Mama and the songs she loved to sing
I'm not from Louisiana, but that don't mean a thing
Don't come from Alabama or hail from Tennessee
Just blame it on Mama
She sang the country into me

I just loved to listen
As she sang those story songs
'Bout a Coat of Many Colors
Or a girl named Delta Dawn
When The Lights Went Out In Georgia
I would beg for just one more
All about Fancy and the pretty red satin
Dancing dress she wore

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter
Lovin' that preacher's son
I've walked the Streets of Laredo
Stared down the barrel of a lawman's gun
I've grown roots and I've got ties
To places I've never been
And when I sing those songs it takes me
Right back home again

(Repeat Chorus)

The country into me, yeah
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Blame It On Mama Lyrics

The Jenkins – Blame It On Mama Lyrics

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