There was a guy making a plan
Find a girl and she'd understand
He'd say "please don't worry"

And this one was right
And that was thing closing your eyes
And see wedding rings
Well, there is no hurry

A day like today
They're waiting for wings to form
They're waiting for clouds and storms
And for safety

I said I will
I ask you please lie still
Your faith means everything
I will be anxious arms
Beside myself and there is no one else
Won't you be my answer?
Then won't you be my answer?
Say it again

The one thing that I protect
Well, don't you know
Well, don't you forget
The sound of my voice

Hands down in the hold I brace
Put your hands on your handsome face
And lie when you say
â??You haven't got much, but maybe todayâ??

And it's all you won't become
And it's everything you might have done
My dear
We're closing in fast on another year

So unsure until tonight
Strong and pure and I know that it's right
Today is our whole life

You give what you have and it's all that you've got
You hope its enough but you know that it's not
And you say â??please don't worryâ??

You tear it apart and you count up the cost
And your head swims, it all gets lost
And you say â??there is no hurryâ??
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Anxious Arms Lyrics

The Jealous Sound – Anxious Arms Lyrics