Isn't it funny
How your words just cut me down to size
Right when I
Feel my confidence growing
But don't worry baby
Cause I really don't mind
How much you hurt me
Cut me on the inside

Times are changing, so have I
You gave me wings so I could fly
But now I'm in the air
Shoot me down like you don't care

Promised things I said I never
Wanted to hold the truth and never
Lied to you sometimes it's the truth
That makes things hard but we can
Sit together in the shadows holding
Onto all the things that hit home
Harder than the things that make
Us glow now I see you walking round
The same town with a different face
And a different sound you left me
Here all alone now but you've
Lost and I've found
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Shoot Me Down Lyrics

The Idols – Shoot Me Down Lyrics