Say baby, we got this problem,
You got this other man in your bed,
Don't you think that maybe we could swap him,
And let me lie there instead.

I promise I won't make a mess,
Do all your dishes too,
Stay quiet when your friends are sleepin'
Let me lie there with you.

I'll do all that you say,
Won't ask for no pay,
Just a bottle of beer and baby, like I said
I won't make a mess,
But the problem is this,
You got that other man in your bed!

Said baby, can't you see how l'm hurtin'?
For you, with that man in your bed,
I won't wipe my nob on your curtain,
Let me lie there instead.
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That Man In Your Bed Lyrics

The Hormonauts – That Man In Your Bed Lyrics