In the latter half of December
Pressure builds from all reflection on the prior year
On this prior year, yes it was such a great year

Sidewalks fill 'til congestion starts to spill
Out onto the steam rising off of Lexington

A broken promise is on display
For a discontented family
To re-establish a blood relation
Through wine and drunken conversations
Without this would there be

Oh, anything at all

My brother's age exceeds mine by several years
But when he's here, the years disintegrate
Watch them disappear
Just watch them rolling all the fear
Cause our luck, mistake and misfortunes
Without them would there be
A place for these children to lead
A way out of war-torn country
Will they see

Anything at all
Oh, anything at all
Parents, they will brace this fall
Soon enough receive the call
Above the crying, everything's gone wrong

You see everything's gone wrong
You see everything's gone wrong
Just call your brother, give him love
The broken pieces we will sew

Broken promise on display
Discontented family
If not this would there be
Would there be reason to celebrate
Would there be reason, reason at all

[Repeat x2]
And on this holiday I beg and pray
For you to show me a conversation
Holding hands underneath all the flashing decorations
Put everything aside for now
It's just you I love tonight
If not for each other, then for my parent's sake
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Reason To Celebrate Lyrics

The Honorary Title – Reason To Celebrate Lyrics