Ft. Juice

(game)f**k you faggot a** n****s... My album done. It's friday and I aint got s**t to do. Here the breakdown.

(game & juice back & forth)
F**k you n***a, f**k your click
The whole world gettin tired of that G-G-switch
F**k Fif.. No you can't say that,
Do_______ in a drive maybach's. (Naw nigga)
Well Black Wall say f**k 'em all n***a,
Let them shots fly & pour out the hard liquor.
They say the 40 Oz make the grass grow,
& when we hit the corner we spittin like jaz-O.
Jaz-o? That n***a taught Jigga how to rhyme,
He aint teach jigga how to rhyme, _____ bar for bar n***a line for line.
Me & juice go back like the hands of time
Rewind. Back in az bangin az
Sugarhill in the cutlass with no ac
Ac like green for the lakers,
4-5 on ya chest, red beam for the haters.
(Haters)Spittin crap like Vegas,
Throwin chips out, try stackin paper.
Smash through Jacobs, cuffs on the cases
Open it up, I'm just cleanin my bracelets.
Time for a facelift, change up the bezel,
Ya elevator goin down, not on my level.
Penthouse sleepin, Moorehouse freakin,
Compton to hampton, we back for the weekend.
We leave n****s leakin like water in the projects,
& my flow hot like water in the projects.
We on the 5th floor hangin like brothaman,
Its a new jack city, I'm duttaman.
We from the gutta man, did I stu-stutta man,
Benjamin franklin in a chokehold, rubberband.
I got it, luis vutton wallet,
No cash, that's a**, the black card is silent.
All black like the bentley coupe,
Hop in, I'll show you b***h what the bentley do.
V-12 I'm simply the truth,
& my name aint Mic I'm the muthafukin Booth.
Poof, get lost muthafuka,
Still mad that my team lost at the Rucker.
There go Ashanti, where she at? I'll f**k her,
I Thought you like Rhianna? I came 4 the drama.
What about Missy? N***a you can miss me,
I'll take paris, you take nicole richie.
Naw they too prissy. What about when we was backstage wit Olivia? I smelled somethin fishy.
360 like vince for the nets,
If you pinched hit the fence. Cops comin gotta jet
Jet, like a G-4 n***a,
Juice blowin up like C-4 n***a.
Want a war n***a, it's me and 4 n****s,
At ya peep hole wit the 44 n***a.
Look out ya window, see more n****s,
Be atcha back door, take a detour n***a.
Run in ya house, put a gun in ya mouth,
Make sure she can't play me put 1 in his spouse.
Oh s**t, we out, 2 villans on the move,
Spittin harder that ll with crush groove.
We new school, but we ol school gangstas,
Peace to ja rule and payback for wanksta.
Hot rod step back I'm anxious,
Ill shank ya after you jook buck and banks.. Uh.
B-Dub-S it's time to change up,
Drinks on us tonight, put ya change up.
And ya chains up, we gorillas in the club,
We'll f**k you orangatangs up.
Welcome to the jungle. Aw man,
You aint ready to swing wit tarzan.
We go hard like elephant tusks,
& you n****s peanuts, you can never be us.
(whoo-ha) we on a level with buss,
Like papoose when the gat loose, slay what up.
3 wheel motion when the trey lift up,
I got a new west coast n***a, dre look up.
Juice m*******a, got the game shook up,
Protege of the n***a wit tha flamin chucks.
(wut) time to stake my name n***a back up,
N****s get racked up, b*****s get smacked up.
Az's own, n****s know what I'm about,
Backstage bodyguard, knockin n****s out.
Holdin up chronic on ya magazine cover,
Next month I'm on the front solo m*******a.
45 in the polo m*******a,
All chrome on the low-low m*******a.
Gotta let em know m*******a,
You jermaine dupri n****s rhymin Soso m*******a.
& for you old muthafuckas & you slow muthafuckas,
This is not a low blow m*******a.
Grey hair, you gettin old m*******a,
So stay there, I'm bout to blow m*******a.
All over the globe m*******a, I kick s**t
Like brandon lee in the crow m*******a.
And we freestyle s**t just for fun,
You n****s doin drive-bys with a paintball gun.
N****s don't wanna get the war started,
_____ way quickest make a way better target.
N***a missed me with that ice cream s**t,
Unless you lickin ice cream off my d**k.
I used 2 walk thru da hood wit a bag of bricks,
When the world thought kim was a nasty b***h.
10 years later we kick classic s**t,
We aint negotiatin nothin we crawlin thru ya fence,
Fallin thru ya ceillin wit a squad full of killas. Juice let em know wuts up.
Yo Game we gorillas.

(game)Aye juice, you gotta stop dissin n****s man.
(juice)Man f**k that.
(game)Nah man, you gotta listen to me man, you gotta stop dissin these n****s.
(juice) Man f**k that.
(game)I'm tellin you man, that s**t aint gon get you nowhere man. You gotta stop dissin n****s.
(juice)Man f**k that.
(game)Alright n***a you gon learn. Keep on bein hard headed.
(game) hahaha. N***a you a rookie. N***a don't even know how to say that s**t right. F**k it. It wasn't me. B-Dub-S... B***h!
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