[Verse 1: Game]
She on tights with the leather skin
She a rockstar, bring the heavy metal in
Girl shake like a cold bottle Medi and
And love with it till she wouldn't let the devil in
She pop pills like medicine
She probably gon die, startin to be evident
Told her slow down, girl you're heaven-sent
I'm a thug but I got a heart like Kevin nem
And I can't let this girl throw her life away
Kick the door in the room and told her to put the knife away
Took her to the hospital like right away
She a angel with demons, the girl like nine-day
Stressed out, parents getting divorced
Girl I'm bout it, she ain't tryna see me caught
She a square so it's hard to see the angle
And that's why God gave her an guardian angel and that's me
And I'm here for her, swear to God that I'm here for her
Last nigga that got caught up in the airport
She ain't had a process, she went away and did a year for him
She a ride-and-die, like Eve and them
Make home-cooked meals every evening
Start stripping on the side, now I'm tipping on the side
Love-life like...
Am I wrong for being the best
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Pray Lyrics

The Game – Pray Lyrics