I was so bored with my old life
I was so bored with decent odds

My new roommate left her debit card
Some sort of test for me. It's too hard
Try to run an errand. Nervous sweat
I rush back home and if I win i'll give her half
I bet
Online casino in the caymans
Legal disclaimer writ for layman's

I moved back into new canaan
Babysit my sister's kids; it's rainin'
They fuss a bit while I put them to bed
And grumpy, sitting on the couch, I get it in my head
Take metro north. A silver candlestick
To aquaduct on lirr. Pick

I was so bored with my new life
I felt like I knew all the odds

I bet 'gainst myself I wouldn't wager
My boyfriend's mother's mansion (nothing major)
I stole the deed one night when she was drunk
I drove onto the reservation with it in my trunk
Sensors beep the threshold when I crossed it
Thirty thousand marker soon I lost it

Baltimore inner harbor (sports) zone
Being courted. He's talking on his cell phone
"let me tell you why I think I love her
She knows you always take the bye week dome home team to cover. "
Go up to pimlico and I choose
It's no fun if it's fine when you lose

I was so tired with all the angles
I was so bored with losin' easy

So I gambled on going further a-field
So I flew to sydney and then to bali and then to jakarta
And called on my step-father's ex-business partner
Major timmy sastrosatomo
And he set me up as a silver smith/batik dabber
In a house once owned by the princes of mataran.
And he told me all his troubles

We bribed a cfo at semen cibinong
To get them to buy a 40% stake
And we got a 5 million dollar order from nieman marcus,
Which we filled about 10%
But I did sell them my children's book
Which I said was a south sumatran
Folk tale--which went like this:

I played cards for seven days straight,
Was up $47 dollars late
Evening as the sun went down I saw
The ace of diamonds up his sleeve--black velvet on his paw.
I fold, say goodbye politely.
They bark, you don't get off that lightly

I dreamed of a casino way up in the hills of borneo
Where I lost with the giant flying squirrels and orangutans and great
Morman butterflies all day long.
'Til the bulldozers turned us into whole fruit fruit bar sticks and
China markers
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