I'd like to say I've
Weathered my stay
On the beach at the
Park - that's my
To eat with my dime
That I begged from
Some rich old slime

I'd like to say it's
Everything's OK
But it's worth it all
Just to let you know
I won't take it anyway

I'm sorry for all
The fights, you know
I hate to say you're
This battle's beaten
Me so
I'd come if you'd
Take me back
All I know is I want
To come home
It's so hard to tell
You so

I'd like to say I've
Weathered my stay
But it's getting late
And I can't play
Looks like it's time
For goodbye
But I won't cry and
That's no lie
Like to say it's alright
You know it'll be OK
But it was worth it
All to let you know I
Won't take it anyway
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Six Years Lyrics

The Eyeliners – Six Years Lyrics