Anything we should know about your change?
I've heard it said it takes twice the length
Of an affair for the heart to heal
And if that's the case then I guess in 20 years
I'll be sitting in this bar room still

Cause you were the one
I felt that I was lucky just to have you by my side
Now it's 10 years gone and I'm sitting all alone
With this bottle for a place to hide

Bar time is 6:30
And you're still on my mind
By 8:15 I'll have had a couple in me
And I've already forgotten you were even mine

By 9:43 I'll be regretting my decisions
And cursing this city of sin
By 10:15 I'll be stinking of whiskey
And thinking of you again

I've heard it said by many of my friends
You were a girl I should leave alone
They said all you're gonna get
Is a pocket full of regrets and broken down rotary phone

Now all I got are those and fifteen "I told you so's"
So I guess I'm the one to blame
Sitting on a stool feeling like a broken fool
A tarnished drunkard with a tarnished name
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Stinking Of Whiskey Blues Lyrics

The Ergs! – Stinking Of Whiskey Blues Lyrics