It gets tough and lonely sometimes
And your spirit's barely holding on
What could I say to make you stay?
What could I give? What words do you need to hear?
I could give you all the moments
That your sunlight chased away my clouds
But talking will be the death of me
I won't speak, just send my love your way
Well, you're waiting for salvation, it is waiting for you, too
And when life is at its darkest then the heart will pull you through
So let love go in all you know and let love in
Summertime would see you crying
And your heart knew something had to give
You'll never deny the truths you find
You'll hang on tight to a friend you can adore
Some may offer sanctuary, give you counsel from the years
And when life is at it's darkest, you can fight away the tears
So let love go in all you know and let love in
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Let Love In Lyrics

The Elms – Let Love In Lyrics