I've written shit that's been lost throughout time
And the moment I forget, I remember you, yeah
The true fan who's waiting for a sixteen
But instead I give 'em eight of the truth
I ain't even go hard on these beats man
I'm waiting for that album baby
My flow change, every time I spit man
I'm trying to drive hip hop crazy

Yeah, this is my sanity room
Directions, empty out your closet
I swear you got some skeletons just hanging while you're walking
Perfection, maybe once we reach it
I promise we gon' elevate this mother fucking thing
Last night I wrote the best shit (best shit)
Best shit ever you can check it
Girl I left it right upon your dresser
Next to all your pretty sexy things (sexy things)
And everything is empty glass bottles and a note that never made it,
Cause that wave never wave and that ocean never gave in
And my heart is...
I've got my own fucking opinions, I swear you'll get no...
I swear I am the greatest, I don't know about religion,
I just pray that you can take it!
My mode is I'm fucked up!
I'm just trying to keep it real, so trust that!
I got way too many on me, and I not enough time for all I see,
So all I know is all I'll be...
To all these bitches that wanted me
That wanted me, and wanted these,
Heels and blue, dressing white, and ocean view and london nights,
London nights, getting higher than the clouds do, girl!
Getting higher than the clouds do!
Getting higher than the clouds do!

It's october in july, I swear these costumes make me sick,
Needed doses, something real before this nightmare turns...
I'm only sitting in the moment, but the future holds my past
Cause every second I'm without it, I swear I still feel the cash!

All this money, is nothing... is kinda funny, how we...
And all this money, but you know that I'm saving it all!
All this money, in the sanity room,
Yeah, all this money, is nothing getting on
Is kinda funny, how we...
All this money, you know that I'm saving it all!
Getting higer than the...
Getting higer than the...
Getting higer than the...

... for the last fifteen, it's all it takes
I'mma saying a lot of things I don't mean?
Fuck it! I'm a money maker, my heart is
And I swear that these girls is on my target!
Is he... is he changed?
They see things, and need rings,
I'm good, though, that drink there, got me feeling like...
If I do... I probably win,...
... but it ain't no way to make sense!
Cause if you know me then you would know that every day I say is...

Here we are, young kings again!
Here we are, young kings again!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!

... so in other words it's not really your fucking opinion,
It's just... to think at myself like somebody I can relate to!
Long ass... long ass I...
... all this talking... it's not even a song, really!
So fuck you! is my version too short?
Fuck you! is my version too long?
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Kryptonite Sanity Room Lyrics

The Dean's List – Kryptonite Sanity Room Lyrics

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