I'm not swallowing anchors
I'm pushing with distant shores around the corner.
I need to think outside the box
As these dimensions are far too tight
And it is crushing me from the inside out

It is only right to put up a fight for what you believe in and what you
Stand for,

We've got to push forward, we've got to move on, we're starting off new,
This is something new.

Don't start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday, don't start your
Day unless it's a good view from here.

There's wrong and there's wrong and there's this.
We're as blind as can be yet we found each other in the rhythm section of a
Storm (of a storm), we found each other as lovers born and predators bred.

Always and never. Everything is wrong with this.

I swore to you, Lord as my witness I swore to you but I have to ask, was I
Sober when I swore?

I have a problem and I've been dishonest, dishonest, they're coming to take
Me away, away.

They're coming to take me away, away.

Try not to weep when they come, they come for me. Try not to weep. Try not
To weep.

Ill burn, I'm burning, I'm burning for my sins.

Oh God, I'm disappointed we're still alive.

I'll burn, I'm burning, I'm burning for my sins.

Always and never. Nothing at all is wrong with this.

I'll burn, I'll burn, I'll burn for my sins. Please try not to weep when I
Finally leave.

My last written words were dedicated to us:

"I'm disappointed we're still alive. Oh God, I'm disappointed we're still
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Mariachi Firing Squad Lyrics

The Colour Line – Mariachi Firing Squad Lyrics

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