Give me wings give me peace
These are the things that I need
I'm tormented broken and shamed
Are you listening?
Give me shelter from the storm,
I know it's a lot to ask for
Considering how recent I've piled the dirt on your name
Are you listening?
Are you listening?

I have heard that winter's cold will give way to summer's warmth
Oh no! Like salt in the snow I'm melted and left all alone on the side of the road

In this where I am for your sake, between sleep and awake?
My mind is dreaming of things, are you listening?
I took you for granted again and threw you aside
And pretended for one minute that I had control of my life
And direction it seemed to be in
I was wrong again, are you listening?


I will wait for you to come again,
And I can't pretend like I'm confident
And I can't pretend like it makes much sense when it doesn't


[Repeat: x6]
on the side of the road

[Chorus: x2]
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Salt In The Snow Lyrics

The Classic Crime – Salt In The Snow Lyrics