Reeaddyyy Let's Go! Whoo! Cheetah! Hey!Everybody get up! Here we go!

Start the party up,hit the groove
Celebrate is what we're here to do

Crank the music,now's the time All of us are here tonight

Somethin' new with move it on We've been thinkin 'bout it all year long

Got the right moves,Cheetah Girls Here we go gonna rock the world

Chorus:Party cause you know the future's all yours Dance till your feet don't touch the floor
Celebrate a day you've waited for(Party like you're ready for so much more)Do it like you know it's never been done Go a little crazy,have too much fun Today's the day,come on everyone The party's just begun!

I know you're feelin it Put you're hands up if you're feelin' it(I'm feelin it,girl)I know you're feelin' this (Hey)
Everybody get up Here we go!

Everybody now,make some noise All the girls,and all the boys

Don't you know we got it goin' on All together we belong

Fun to be young,That's the truth Lookin good with a new attitude

Turn the party out,time to shine Cheetahs,now we're doin' it right

Repeat Chorus

Bridge:We can do anything,Everything we wanna Finally we get the chance

Everybody wanna celebrate(yeah)
Let the party never end(Ooooooh)
Ready for the summer holiday(holiday)
Anticipate what's ahead(oooh,ooh,oh,oh)
Now we're better than we've ever been(been)
And you know we do it right(Know we do it right) Acapella now,bring it in(the end)
Come on girls,sing one more time

Chillin' out,break it down That's the way we do it,now(Heeey) Attitude,in the groove Gettin into somethin' new Say Goodbye to yesterday,Future's lookin' good to me(Yeah,yeah,yeah)All together,raise your hands Time to party,time to dance

Ooh,oh Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah Uh-huh,uh-huh

Repeat Chorus 2x
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The Party's Just Begun Lyrics

The Cheetah Girls – The Party's Just Begun Lyrics

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