Oh yeah
Oh yeah-eh-eh

Verse 1:
The sweetest stuff, you give to me
It makes me feel fine
Every little word that you say to me
Keeps my heart on time
Red blood flowin' like a rough rapid
When you are near by
Ain't no doubt cause it's plain to see
You set my soul on fire

Something so true
Is what I get from you
An' I hope that you'll see
You get the best of me
[2 times]
Oo wee

Verse 2:
Most generous love, you spread around
To the people in your life
Sharing the weight and the pressure
Just to make it right
I hope one day that you get it back
If that karma stuff is true
Here's a little song just to make a start
Called something so true



Oh yeah...

It's so, so true [4 times]
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So True Lyrics

The Black Seeds – So True Lyrics

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