Tell the lie, tell the lie, you never should have tried
To believe in the secret your keeping.
Tell the lie, tell the lie, it's the only way to fly
With the truth that you're way to deep in.

I can tell, I can tell, and I know damn well
'cuz your body language is screaming.
I can tell, I can tell that you only want a taste
Of something that you shouldn't be feeling.

Somebody must've told you 'bout half a million times
You listen with your heart
Makes your ears go blind.
You get tired of waiting
And you only miss the train.
You're burning all you bridges
And you're gonna burn your brain.

Laying on yer back and you aint got a clue.
You wanna tell a lie but the lie is true.
Now what you gonna do?
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Tell The Lie Lyrics

The Bellrays – Tell The Lie Lyrics