The biggest lie I ever told was when I said
"I don't love you no more"
The biggest fake you'll ever know
Sometimes I feel it's everything I don't show

And I'm always thinking 'bout relationships
Wanna let the rhythm flow and feel the bassline slip.
Leaving all that fussing and a fighting to them crazy, crazy fools.
But it's time I told you something I think you should know.
All about why I ran away and why I let this go.
Guess I got tired of always feeling like my heart just broke.
Tired of missing you.

And I don't want to fight with you no more.
Really, how many times can we go to war?
Really, how many days do we have to waste,
Before we can see that we've both made mistakes?

And I'm over always feeling like some hypocrite,
Telling you things are ok when they don't feel like it.
But I'm not sure that once your heart gets broke the pieces fit
Together quite the same.
So if you don't mind just for a while
I'm a keep this mess
That I call a heart, cracked and bleeding in this chest.
Dear God I wish sometimes we had never met.
Still, I love you anyway.

But hey, yo what difference does it make?
There's no sense in this.
No reason's I guess, gonna make it hurt less.
You know, I miss this absence of distance when it don't exist.
This mess, baby look at this mess.
Baby look at this mess.
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The Biggest Lie I Ever Told Lyrics

The Beautiful Girls – The Biggest Lie I Ever Told Lyrics

Songwriters: Matthew Mark McHugh
The Biggest Lie I Ever Told lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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