As I bring the blitz
Comin cool like Brits
Styles wicked and cris
Sounds of the turntablist
With the flick of the wrist
Let me see you come and step to this
I'm comin down with the junglist
I'm comin down with the junglist
I always said you could handle this
So get your name down on the checklist
And live a life that is lived in His
Cause it's like that and that's the way it is
Not for the money, not for the showbiz
Never do it like an exhibitionist
Listen up cause I already test this
Listen up cause I already test this

Time to let Him take control
Let the Spirit in
Heal my mind and fill my soul
Let the end begin


Love will rise
We're comin at you with the blitz
To fill the skies
You gotta get with this
Time to let Him take control
Gotta gotta gotta roll
Death will fall
Step back and see the world divide
Once and for all
And that's when you decide
Hear my call
Are you gonna ride with this
Believe me
Cause we're bringing on the blitz

As I let it show
As I let this flow
Yeh you gotta know' I'm gonna give it yo you like a pro
Never lose control
Keep it tight til it's my time to go
I break it down as I bring it down as I take it down
As I break it down take it down low
Hope you're listenin, bro
Jesus Christ got me hot like whoa
And I can feel it from my head to my toe
And that's the reason why I'm letting you know
Already told you it's not for the dough
So don't be slow
Take up the tempo
I wanna hear what the crowd say hear
What the people what the crowd say yo

Angel standing in the sun
Calling out to you
Will you hold or will you run
Stay within the truth
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The Blitz Lyrics

The Band With No Name – The Blitz Lyrics