So much pressure around me.
Become a shadow of whom I wish I'd be.
Part of what remained inside, now feels lost.
A vision entrapped in pain.

A face without expression, relentless and remorseful.
Blaming all but himself for falling in despair.

I decided to turn my back.
Try a different approach.
Since everything that's touched is bound to turn to dust.

Recommend no further trial.
Not a glimpse of should have been.
Only the promised years to come,
And with that my transgression will come to an end.

So little movement within me.
A shadow I've become.
Fall out, now all is lost.
It's clear I'm incomplete.

A face portraits depression, emotionless but thankful features that show:
When one loses, there is everything to gain.
Free fall!

Failure above me circulates!

Dented pride encouraged and my broken spirit leads the way.
Deterred comprehension.
I tend to give up more and more each day.
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Transgression Lyrics

Textures – Transgression Lyrics