Predicting war, predicting life, predicting when disaster strikes
Living life, living death, living on borrowed time
End of time, end of days, end of all the things you save
See the future, see the past, what does he have in store...

Through the years, through the eyes and the lies
What he sees has become no surprise
Through the years and the tears and the lies
Condemned to hell, condemned to fate, condemned to time

Sacrament, sacrilege, altar to a sacrifice
Smell the blood, smell the death, smell the stench of demons' breath
Filled with love, filled with hate, filled with hope that dissipates
Fallen hero, fallen god, fallen victims that we've become


When you step into the circle
Prepare yourself as we choose your fate, your fate
As you're bleeding at the altar for your sins with blood you'll pay
You'll pay

Through the years, and the tears through the lies of the pain
End of time, end of days, end of life, end of pain

Predicting war, predicting life,
Predicting winds just as it strikes
Living life, living death
Living on, upon our time
End of time, end of days
End of hours, things you save
See the future, see the past
What does he have in store

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Dangers Of The Faithless Lyrics