Can you hear what I've been thinkin'
Do you hear my words out loud?
Cause there's an echo that's insistent,
Why doesn't the phone ring out now
But when it does it rings no question, but when it don't I wonder why,
Baby got somewhere you can reach me on this dark and lonely night.
oooohhhh, what a faith to arise...yeah
Feel that look in your eyes
You know I'll be thinkin we'll be bringin that
Time and place in your mind,
And you need a lesson to hang on too,
Feel what it is that's alive
and you know that it's only one more day,
That I'm gonna be this far away,
And now I'm sitting here on this phone, I've run out of things to say...
Cept this is gonna feel good to get back home
Now itt's gonna feel good to just get back home
I've been out here stretchin on my own,
And now it's gonna feel good to just get back home
I take a plane out in the morning
Puts me in tomorrow night
Got something I want to say to you
On the hours that I lose in this flight
There's a beauty about london, though the rain's still pouring down
It only makes me thinking of breakin', so the night wakes, and breaks and shakes the ground.
and oohhhh....what a faith to arise,,,yeah
See that look in your eyes
You know you'll be thinkin' you'll be singin' bout that time and place in your mind
Sun and you let them grown on into
Be what it is that's alive
You know that time she's a passer of everyday
Know what it is =, no one you can save
Just write your name in the sky, with the curve of the earth of night.
Now it's the end of the turn, I can see the reflection in your eyes
So now it's gonna feel good to get back home
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Faith To Arise Lyrics

Terry Reid – Faith To Arise Lyrics

Songwriters: TERRY REID
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