[Chorus:] 2x
[Tony Sunshine]
If you want it in the morning and you need it in the
I'm a give it to you baby
I'm a give it to you right
Would you do whatever I want?
Would you give me all that I need?

[Fat Joe]
Ugh yo yo
Don't need to tell me about your love life
I can see it in your eyes you like the thug type, His & Her bikes
Diamonds in the rough? Right!
Love the crushed ice? Love to puff la? Love to get fucked? Right!
It's the Don with the S-Class, all aboard! With thebest ass
Known to make the s** last,
Only rep that, bet ya can't sit
Joey Head Crack, keep you dancin', shit be hectic
Start the party in the limo, Bacardi con Limon
That's what's on, girl, shake your body, c'mon
Forget your friends, you can trust this
I know you heard how we run tris, but I want one chic
Don thick with the big hips, Joe will have a hoe
Screaming "Fat niggas got big dicks!"
So lick your lips if you're feeling me, I'm right in
Front of Trinity
The way you work that thong, girl you're killin' me


Me? I love the way you work it now [now]
Pumping your bottom up and down like somebody played
You and now you tryin' to hurt them back
Whatever it is that you really need, you can get it,
If it's me you can hit, if it's weed it's already litted
We can leave in a minute, hop in the drop top 3 if you wit it
Watch tv in it, feel the breeze,
And get lifted on our way to the Four Seasons
Here's a sweet that I rented
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Tell Me What You Want Lyrics

Terror Squad – Tell Me What You Want Lyrics