Verse 1:
I'm not gonna lie, or act like I'm mad, tough
There might be a tear in my eye,
When I watched that airplane lifting up.
I never was much for telling you how much you meant,
But I need you to know, you were heaven sent

We went together like
Hot wings, and t-birds.
Saturday sinners, and Sunday church and
Looking back, yeah, crying and laughing at the lives between us two
We went together like,
Memories, and long walks.
Cowboys, and sad ole' songs.
After all of the hold on tights, that we went through
Your damn right, I'm gonna miss you!

Verse 2:
I guess there are times, that all of us re-learn
That life is a book, and the pages you know, they're about to turn
And, and I don't know where the story ends, where it's gonna go now
Just as long as this chapter tells the world how...

Chorus: X2

Yeah, after all the long fairytales that didn't quit come true,
After all of the nights, and the fights we went through,
Your damn right, yeah, I'm gonna miss you!
I'm gonna miss you...
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Damn Right Lyrics

Terri Clark – Damn Right Lyrics

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