So in Love, Sad as can Be
'cause apretty Face got the best of me
Suddenly you came into my life
And gave it meaningand pure delight
Now good looks I've learned to do without
'Cause I knpw that it's love that really counts

'cause I know that...
Beauty's only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah
I know that
Beauty's only skin deep yes indeed

Now you speak your words warm and sincere
And let's me know that your love is near
A preety face you may not possess
But what I like about you is your tenderness
A pretty face may be some guys taste
But I'll take love'in in it's place

'Cause I know
That beauty's only skin deep yeh, yeah, yeah
And you know that
Beauty's only skin deep oh baby, oh yeah
(oh yeah, oh yeah)

My friends Ask, what do I see in you
But it goes deeper than the eye can view
You have a pleasin' personality
And that's a ever rare lovin' quality
Now show me girl, a girl that's fine
And I'll choose the one with true lovin' every time

I know that...
Beauty's only skin deep Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I believe that...
Beau- know thatbeauty's only skin deep

So if your lookin for a lover(oh yeah)
Don't judge a book by it's cover(oh, yeah)
She may be fine on the outside(oh yeah)
But so untrue on the inside(oh yeah)
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Beauty's Only Skin Deep Lyrics

Temptations – Beauty's Only Skin Deep Lyrics

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