Rise And Fall
Our Love Together Seems
To Rise And Fall
Just never knowing when to give our all
Our backs against the wall
We'll hold on tight with all our might Oh the
Rise And Fall this time we'll be forever
Rise And Fall They'll be no any other
When it's said and done you'll be the one

I was Sad And failing in old heartbreak school
And yeah I never ever broke that golden rule

Cause Hey I like your style
And yeah I love your smile

No more fears for yesterday when I thought I heard You say
That you had loved somebody new and broke my heart right in two
My world was you
And then I heard you call my name again My Love My Friend

Rise And Fall this time we're so much better
Rise And Fall building our lives together

When it's said and done we'll love as one
We'll Hold On Tight Our Loves So Right
Yeah Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall
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Rise And Fall Lyrics

Teddy Arnheiter – Rise And Fall Lyrics