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The strangest, straight derangest, start it J, start it J

Uh, MidWest Side, IIIDQ found laughin

[Verse 1]
Lets get it on, raps new phenomenon

Hitt'em up with the flips

Rupture your dome

Calm down, you say me song sound like Butch?

You say I'm washed up? Nigga what!?

This is when I kick it with this rhythm-simplistic

Fuck dem 9 rhymes, make them go blind every time

On that cannabis, edist, not for a weak mind

But the mind of a gauge

On stage 'causez minimum wage has me on maximum rage

Page mac, lets scrap, the conniseur of rap

See me, come tight like a pig in a bikini

Please! All emcees know I be on my Q's and P's

Even Run-D.M.C. is on a deadly disease

Deranged, I claim, let me explain

High voltage, take a look at the psychosis

Fatrocious, flows be cocked from KC to Wisconsin

My killer flow makes me jerk my Johnson

[Verse 2]

Mushroom headed keeps me pathetic,
But the ?

Treating life like I'm moving bombay

Brother with the ganja stickin it

Gonna stick it if you let it
Come here, no come?

I'll run dancing

Just call me the strangest, straight G, bombay

Distinguish the fuck of shit

From hip-hop comes this
Apocoflips got control of your hips

Its venomous, how the rap metamorphasis

MC corpsesis around me

They found me ja'causezin with my sorcerists

Fire up the paper & get blowed

Then bust holes in these hoes
Then roll to a spot with bianca

'causez they wanna kill me like they killed Bruce Lee

On the set, no shit

Told my bianca that's what she gets

Middle West flex flows, mics to sex those
Middle West flesh holes, insane games

Never that plane Jane

[Verse 3]

I give myself a C-section
With a rusty jagged weapon

Bungee wit 100 feet of slack

IN front of my kids with no discretion

Trippin with the 9
Strange days like Julia Lewis and Angela Bassett in a casket
Get your brain blown like a head gasket

Missouri is in the house for the '99 shot

Futuristic ladies love me a whole whole lot

When demons try to do me too

They know they wicked

So I bust if you aint down with IIIDQ

Who are you!?!

Neena Tech, respect, MidWest Side

For life, grab a mic, and flip it like a dyke

The soundlab got my microchip screwed

Mounfunction, ?, now I'm cool

Pain givers, slang spitters, hang niggas, insane triggas

No shame, aim triggas, brain splitters, game quitters? NO!

Grey liver niggas, narcotical strange nigga!
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Strange Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Strange Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID GATES

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