Welcome to misery where the killers pop it up
And when I say pop it up I mean dealing wit the tug of the gun
We can do it if anybody want it where the rappin' get to clapping tell everyone
Misery loves company so we done with thee
Enemy where he be energy sending me the route
A negativity tripping wit me you running fo yo life
Cause you ran your mouth MOUTH

We can sang or we can bang
It ain't no game we untamed
Whether its fame or we can aim
Release your brains it ain't no thing

Midwest choppers!

Ya know what I'm saying
We living in pain
And it's a shame that you came and got drained
And listen man stay in your lane

Midwest choppers!

Find it Murderers monologue come out of a sinister formidable place
I can let you know the ins and the outs and I can spit it wicked
Twisted And you can see by the look of my face
Give me the mic and I'ma mangle it tangle it
Definitely people see that I got the hang of it
Pig you gotta try to make a mockery of a city
Pock em pock em damn we dangerous
Came to get strange wit it bang wit it
Stop and get a little untamed wit it
Get the chopper like a fully bully wit a hoodie stop him take him out
So he can Spit cane wit it
Well the answer is right before your eyes
Who do you despise?
Killers who chop you we got to stop you
We gotta stop you pop you partner
Get up outta the way when techa nina be busting
Gotta give it up I'm a veteran like I said so I'ma light em up and get in your head again
Im better than ever
Never let em feather an
Hit the mic and get in again
Medicine ima
Chopper! [Repeat: x3]
Automatic kicking the ammunition
Killing the competition when it ain't nobody
Hotter! [Repeat: x3]
Manage everything and everybody
You know we never missing
Listen to me
How can I make you understand that im a general
Even if you popping the competition in minimal
Cant see the killers and you can bet that we criminal
The demons inside of me keep telling me where to go
So I'ma keep repping the mirror chopping freaking shows
And I'm about to be on top of this and truly be busting
Begging for mercy you punk I ain't giving you nothing


We be the best We ain't talking about women we be talking about paper
Already made come and terrible
And the competition is the killer
With or with the Buretta tight right under my sweater
And we hide it delopta be where my killers

But my dealers are better
Like a blender Lee Roy like a guillotine chop yo hands out and throw me ou the window

Watch yo lyrical
Through the atp
When we come to the street we don post on the block
For the killer I'ma lift my middle finger up to the cop
So On the way to the studio we be making another hot track
They be loving the way we spit it
Boy they want our position but they ain't never get it
In the hone of the pacific
We the definition of a soldier
My opposition is the cultural
I spit like a tomic
Me and my killer are guerrillas

Boy we trying to battle cause they want our position
But they ain't never get it
Man I told you
We the number one competitors dealing
Working the way to the top and get the million
In the hone of the city you can never cross us

You can try to read us
You can try to beat us
Try to get your speed up but it ain't gon matter
Cause after were done busting a nigga we don after
We taking after techa nina is the master


Whenever I'm repping the city in the cane
Holla your brain cause I'm a disaster
Dilemma get ready decibel coming at ya
We wanna Come at ya
Because I'm a style master
And I'm impressionable now
Just so ya know now
I make em sweat
Cause the best with the flow
Whenever you wanna flex you can go
Keep stressing your code
And I make yo man go
Midwest will flow like
She'll flow with more strife
Cause the energy is the bomb
I can tell that you fascinated by the way we rhyme
And we flow like with the mo like
Mo strike wit the fire
Baby I know you say it off baby I know you say it off
Cause so enemy enemy's now
Irritate with the haters that be coming around so I kick it
Like a realla with the style
I'm too set for a cure so and I don't need for a doctor to work
Late for making yo nerves
Late cause he called ya
Hands down now I popped ya now
Lets take a trip to the back of your real gear
Strange the individual wit ill skill

Talk with it
Let me act like you get tough wit it
When you get out of the truck spitting off the crane
Killers goin' be the one to leaving yo bodies
Smoke ya but really
And the game is drop
Cause whenever I'm busting its like
The full heart stopper
The techa nina get up the flow cause we
Midwest choppers


You better Act right get right
Cause im the baddest nigga hooking up with the fastest bad ass
Hit you with the lyrical lyrical miracle whip incredible knock the head like a several
Diggy diggy down diggy down watcha diggy down cook it clown and at the house hold it down diggy diggy ? diggy down
And if you look for the sound you can be found with the nigga in the crowd are you really wit me?
And when you hear it then nigga then zip it
These make you want to reposition and pivit
When we write it and spit it we makin somebody get it
And if they wont hear it then they wont get it
Oh we can keep babbling on
Or rappling off at the mouth while we traveling
And we speaking on on the speaking on the things we be doing coming in to pop my mouth
And where the hell were you?
And I can stop with the drop
With the Caribou
And they see me pop I would say was you
And I wont hesitate to chop you
Until to you
While they doing you
And if you look at the better at the better to combust you got the Cali gun for fun
And if you throw me past the pack man you get it
They putting down the gun
Chopper you'sa chopper that techa ninas a chopper
We gon come and Knock your block off
You never see us coming hit you run and walk off
Cause is more what we wanting
And we come in and head hunting
Wont stop til we get to the top
It's the way we Midwest chop you
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Midwest Choppers Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Midwest Choppers Lyrics