A lot of talent a chemical imbalance and MDMA (MDMA)
I can't reroute it so people they hear bout it and ten to turn away (tend to turn away)

Kinetic you bet it's somethin' movin' your head its prophetic
So get it embedded let it control your bodily
Close to lettuce my head is far from synthetic
You credit this vet is poetic that is merely a part of me

The other part it be wicked similar to psychotic
We kick it we frolic sickness neurotic fought at the God in me
Mixed with erotic on top of Hennessy and hypnotic
You got it a solid super savage knowing no of comradery [x8]

Don't won kill ya (somethin' in my head)
Is makin' me done deal ya (somethin' in my head)
Is making the gun fill ya (somethin' in my head)
Is makin' me won drill ya can we get familiar [x12]

Check, always fantasizing on getting' sex
Wettin' that and settin' Tech up on you carressin' breast
Sweatin' that you'd get me vexed and not get your second breath
Stressed you would've been left where you was beaconed at we neck and neck [x16]

Everyone want go heaven, (yeah dem want go heaven)
But nobody want dead
The place where I have no relaxation, is in my head

Everyone want go heaven, (yeah dem want go heaven)
But nobody want dead
Liberate me Lord devastation, is in my head

I keep that one that'll heat ya
So you better like run better seat ya
Might get found under the bleachers no one'll reach ya come to the creature
Cause in my head is a hole, dark and deep and it grows
Actually capital G-O-D have mercy on my soul

I'm sick as I wanna be
Get the hell up from front of me
When I spit at everybody yeah they gonna be
Feeling this 4 eternity
Boss many thoughts pretty lost but I cost plenty sauce
Soft killa crossed me tossed put 'em off in the moss [x8]

Respect my mind everyone (somethin' in my head)
Says if he disrespect N9NE then he done (somethin' in my head)
Wishes I could put the 9 on his tongue, (somethin' in my head)
Says ignoramus you too famous for that to be done son

Stuck cause I can't trust his bluff must clutch bust (hush hold up enough)
WUSA GOOSE FRABA makes you holla sometimes you gotta do what you gotta

Some people joke and say me loco
Throw evil quotes but yo they don't know
Doctor don't know, so he won't go
In my head it's like I said I mean I'm oh so

Full of decay and MDMA
Sin we in way deep off in the end like many men say
Slaughter you pay, he told me that you gotta today
Allah hu A.K.B.A.R. with a Auda Dufe'

In my head am I brain dead am I? Will I
Shed a cry when they red N9na you might
Red N9na but never dead N9na, but if
You bled N9na then you's a dead nigga!

Yo, I feel it you feel it can we heal it
The devil's encephal we rebels get it level no matter what it becomes
With the heavy metal impatiently wait with a shovel
For the wetos who hate the negros I think I'm losing my Lithium

Super savage erratic you don't say such an attic combative you don't say sick his status so there's no Beyonces there's no hope for Dontez
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In My Head Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – In My Head Lyrics