Hey, baby, I was callin' to say that I.. I miss you
I'll do anything to be with you, baby. Call me back
This is Sheena, from St. Louis. Call me back!

You're just a groupie (Who, me?)
But you mean much more to me
Then just a groupie (Who, me?)
'Cause the things you do to me
She's just a groupie (Who, me?)
But she means much more to me
Then just a groupie (Who, me?)
'Cause the things you do to me

The Hostile Takeover, oowee!
I met a Apple Bottom, San Jo model, like to swallow (Groupie!)
Huh, wonderin' if mami gon' choose me
Fuck it, let the Grey Goose and Cranberry Tropical lead her to me
Then I'll holla, I'm actin all non-chalant, you eyeing me
Sort of obli-vi-ous to my dogs comments
You need a mental connection from stress relief (I'll offer)
As soon as the pill kick in watch the panty hose fall off her
And twenty minutes later, mami's on E
And she can't keep her little groupie hands off me
Now her mouth is around my dick
Then we fuckin and sex-ercising
I'm in her hole, Off in her soul
Lovin my extra sized (dick)
Whenever I call, I can hit it
She love some Kutta
Whenever I'm dwellin on that encounter it makes me stutter
'Cause I, I, uhh (Dammit)
Won't even try y'all
Pop it and knock yo shit outta socket like Houston's eye ball, cause


On the road again, I met a lot of groupies
I got a California, Colorado, Kansas City (Groupie!)
And ooh-wee! Wasn't supposed to choose me
Somethin' I said to her maybe made her give it to me
Caribou got you woozie too
Got ya doing things you wouldn't usually do
And ooh, I love women's
Gotta find a way to get'em on the bus and outta their linens
I make'em strip for me (Damn)
It's the shit homie (Woo!)
Treats me somethin nice
Beast, We somethin like
Gimme Felicia O!
Know how to do it right
When you see the Snake and the Bat
Know here yo girlfriend at
'Cause every time you turn yo back
She be with them rapper cats
I let her up on the bus to braid my corn rows
But when I start pourin those, we makin porno's
To me you much more than a S-L-U-T
(She's a groupie!)


Hey. I was just thinkin' about the time we had on the stairs.
I'd have to say, that was a first. *Laughs* Call me back.
I wanna tell you about this crazy dream I've been havin' about you, baby.
This is Shannon, from Washington. I miss you.

What's sizzlin pigeon? When I'm thizzin' I need a
Super Cali, Animalistic, Sex me, Ah la (Groupie!)
And I don't care if she fair with the long hair
But as long as we there, bare and I bone
And we share squares on the stairs of my hotel
If they stare at us, Oh well
'Cause your boyfriend's waitin while I'm breakin your swole tail
And your boyfriend hates
While he pace, cryin a storm in the lobby
When you get to the house you fight like Foreman and Ali
But check it, gave you an autograph
On your calf then I dashed
But I didn't know that it'd be a tattoo the next time I saw your ass
She got on my bus, I was like "Holy shit"
She laid on the couch
Opened her legs and said, "You owe me this"
I'm the answer to your girls groupie pains
Oochie coochie dames tempt me
When in my presence they tell me, "Pinch me"
'Cause I'm exciting baby, if I didn't exist
Sexy female scientists would have to invent me

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Groupie Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Groupie Lyrics