They came across the sea
Landed in the coast of Pommer
They entered to south Saxony
During the thirty years war

From Breitenfeld to Lutzen
From Leipzig to Lens
The Battle after one by one
The were ready to the next

The Finnish light cavalrymen
With the helmets and the swords
The warhorses ready to fight
Across the rivers they forded

In the service of king Gustavus
With their glory and their pride
They raided, attacked savagely
Through the enemy front they rode

No mercy to the enemies
Dust clouds, finnhorses breath
Fight with courage to the end
From dusk till the dawn of death

Their strength and camaraderie
Their battlefield success
They were well-respected
By their adversaries

Attack - scream your warcry
Fight proud with courage - before you die
Attack - scream "Cut 'em down"
Kill 'em all now - burn down their town

"Our fatherland awaits us in the land of the snow
Blazing flames in our beach and storms strongly blows
Our hands fill the air with our strong mighty swords
There faith and the honour of brotherhood strongly glows
They forded across the Neva, snorting horses like war-beasts
And swan over Vistula like hurrying to their feast
Like the avengers they bring their sabres over the Rhine
'Til from the Danube they all drank the emperor's wine"
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Cut 'Em Down Lyrics

Tears Of Magdalena – Cut 'Em Down Lyrics