She wants to embrace her,
However the world will change
She wants to feel, but
She can only describe it
Don't let the monster stay under the bed ,
Don't' let the monster stay under the bed
Hey you, say what she needs to hear
It's just like

Donna said it depends where you're at
In your head you can find what you need
Maybe it's finding a very secret place
To hide your copy of Rubyfruit Jungle
Maybe you're writing your own

There's a wig wearing boy named psychic Al

What's he's looking for, he won't find in school
He stays up late, flipping through tapes
Listening to songs he's heard a hundred times,
But nothing's there
Hey you, say what he needs to hear

Queer sex is great,
It's fun as shit
Don't worry Jesus
Is dead and God don't exist
And swearing is fun,
It's funner than piss,
That's it's stupid is a cruel and classist myth.
Queer sex is great, it's fun as shit,
Don't kill yourself
'Cause people can't deal with your brilliance
Sometimes I can't remember
Why I want to live
Then I think of all the freaks and I don't want to miss this

It's just like Donna said
It depends where you're at in your head.
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Musical Fanzine Lyrics

Team Dresch – Musical Fanzine Lyrics