I stopped by to see you
Just the other day
And I want to say
That I finally realized
The words I love you don't mean a thing

It's so hard for me to see
Because you meant everything to me
But I guess I gotta move on
Even though it hurts, I gotta be strong

If you don't want to love me, don't love me
Don't want to touch me, don't touch me
'Cause I don't want you
To do anything that you don't want to do
And if you don't want to miss me, don't miss me
Don't want to kiss me, don't kiss me
'Cause I don't want you to do anything
That you don't want to do, no

Who would've known that on
The nights that you were working late
All alone I'd lay awake in our bed
Someone else was puttin' food on your plate?

I refuse to believe
That you never, ever loved me
I've gotta move on
Our love is gone
And this house is not a home


You can be lonely
I don't really care
But didn't have to make me think
That you would be right here
You said that you would be there
So if you don't...

[Chorus x 4]
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If You Don't Wanna Love Me Lyrics

Tamar Braxton – If You Don't Wanna Love Me Lyrics

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