I know what you're doin the truth's in your eyes
U exist just 2 ruin it's no surprise
U took a man from his fam'ly, u have no regrets
Devil's smile on your face, but no1 4gets
Now you're sayin things that nobody really wants 2 hear
& when push comes 2 shove who will bow 2 your savior-faire
Same old tale, it's like love 4 sale
& as you're here 2day, u'll be gone 2day
Your love was like the blind leading the blind
U played him out like a tool, but u didn't mind
All the treasures you've found were merely fools gold
& your ass won't easily be kissed when you're gray & old
Prima donna gone bad
& u won't be the last
& as long as it took 2 get up the fall is much 2 fast
U got the prize, name in lights full drama queen
But u haven't earned the regard that u will need
The truth's in your eyes
& written throughout your face
While you're here & gone there's another
Who'll take your place
Love is blind, baby nevermind
Cuz as you're here 2day u'll be gone 2day
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Here 2 Day, Gone 2 Day Lyrics

Talisman – Here 2 Day, Gone 2 Day Lyrics