It's hard to help but see
God played a trick on me
Walking up the street to the diner to eat
Expecting nothing but a five dollar feast
She took me by surprise
That pair of bright blue eyes
I caught her glance, I smiled, we said hi
Both headed inside
With shooting stars colliding
With planets all aligning
There's not much that can be done
You wouldn't dare deny it
And if you try to fight it
It's like staring down the sun
It's like staring down the sun
I flexed, I smoothed my hair
And watched her sitting there
Asked her if she'd mind if I sat down beside
She said she didn't and we talked until nine
And then we said 'good night,
Until tomorrow night'
I laid down staring at the ceiling
Life before my eyes
In this surreality
(You can taste and touch and breathe)
Now it's my reality
And so one story ends
Another one begins?
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Staring Down The Sun Lyrics

Tal Bachman – Staring Down The Sun Lyrics