Wow, hey
One dude, one lady
One sane, one crazy
Sound like a show to me.
Big house, no babies
Big o' dog, but he lazy
Lets take it to BET.
She will, he won't
She R&B, he Funk
They pretty similar.
(They pretty much the same)
But still their different and
They will split the rent cause, they in love.
Its so clear to her, he got up and told her

Lets make a reality show
(Shawty and show em' how much we in love)
Lets make a reality show
(Cause I want the world to know about us)
Lets make a reality show
(Baby we ain't got nothin' to lose)
Lets make a reality show
(Trials and tribulations, thick and thin, baby lets go)
Lets make a reality show

[Musiq SoulChild]
Hey, listen
You already know what it is when it comes
To that soul music I gets it done
I'm bout it
Just like I'm supposed to be (i can do it all night long, baby)
So don't you go, get it twisted (no)
Just listen
There's more to music than neo soul to me, yea
(how bout you go)find some shorties and line em' up
It don't matter what they look like sign them up
She could be a fine piece or fine as fuck
It don't really matter to me
Give me a ghetto hip-hop girl, skinny funk, rock girl, fat girl
Can't forget the "make her booty clap" girl
Senoritas please, white or Japanese
And lets see who's going home with me


[Raheem DeVaughn]
Its so many ladies that I can't loose
Like her right there in those stelleto shoes
And shorty showing off her legs for me(and I feel like)
Mr. Baskin robins (they all look like)
Good as 31 flavors(and I feel like)oh Shit
Like Huge Hefner on TV, oh oh
Now who I'm gone pick from all of the above
One's from the church, one loves the club
Musiq and pain please help me judge
Cause I'm bout to go out of my mind
All of these woman so fine
I wish to be, wanna be mine
They fightin' for the camera time
On the final episode, yea


[Jay Lyriq]
A go getta', that's what they call me
Do be mad at him that's why they call it(hello)
They want a little taste of me(that's why they got me going around)
You gotta admit, I ain't slippin'(i ain't slippin')
Anything you want, stop trippin'(stop trippin)
Last night was you and me, oh
So each and every night we gone switch it up
And you ain't gotta worry I'mma wrap it up
A man gone be a man(a man gone be a man, gone be a man)
But I ain't gone fall in love with them
Just have a little fun with them
And if I do, then you can chose and thats the one who loose


Make a reality show
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Reality Show Lyrics

T-Pain – Reality Show Lyrics

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