It's kind of like you holdin' me, strokin' me
Takin' control of me, never let go of me cuz you my girl
It's kind of like I'm floatin' and takin' a turn
On the roller coaster of love, when I see you shine like pearl

I know you got a man and all, but he ain't treatin' you right
Nine times out of ten, you won't see him tonight
Baby girl, I'm tellin' you, wan' smellin' you, wanna situation
So don't even keep me waitin' and contemplatin', come on

Lovin' the square, I'm just rollin'
Me and Tai can't control it
They serve told me to look to the left
Jay lyrics 'em her and not her
Dog it ain't gettin' no worse
Got better (uh), a brandetta
When I caught my breath I said

Como estas? Ven aqui, mami girl,
Como estas? Ven aqui ir my casa, casa
Como estas? Ven aqui, mami girl,
Como estas? Ven aqui ir my casa, casa

Wednesday night at the moon,
Tryin' to find somethin' to get into
You wouldn't believe what the hell I seen
Drive by a Puerto Rican mama
Had a big thing right behind her
Before she spoke, she didn't think
That I would say


(Taino rap)

Girl, I can tell you one thing
I'ma put you off in my range
Take yo ass right 'round the 8-5-0
But I can do you better than that
Turn around, let me hug you from the back
I bet you didn't know I knew that espanol
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Como Estas Lyrics

T-Pain – Como Estas Lyrics

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