Stretching, Filing,
Against her skin,
Blessed are those,
Who are not kin,
In sin we Breathe,
In sex we tie,
Duct tape her legs,
To the red sky,
Foolsome flesh allowances,
The pansies raided the pantry of,
Gabardine dreams, promiscuous,
Delight, deny not the flavour,

Custard dreams,
Abusing, musing,
Marmelade flesh
Naked spread am I, am I

Actors of the tragic phantoms,
Extend your legs for great saturn,
Brown table tops scream for cover,
At the sight of your new lover,

If today I die,
And can't deny,
The Poison Chosen
For tonight, tonight.


Borrowed dreams,
Hollowed reveries,
Metal pillows,
Pewter yellows,
Furry roadkill,
House on the hill,
Pouring gravy,
On her thighs still,

If today I die,
And can't deny,
The poison chosen,
For tonight, tonight
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Marmalade Lyrics

System Of A Down – Marmalade Lyrics

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