My life's a mystery
I just can't figure it out
It's strange to me
That the visions I see
Seduce me but for now
I try to focus
But I can only do a little
At one time
Everyone keeps telling me
Everything's going to be all right
Just sit right down
And we'll tell you lies
I'm at a junction
But I just don't know which path
I'm proud of all the work Iæ?³e done
But it never seems to last
It's not for money it's for love
And it just might break my back
Sometimes it seems as though
Something might go my way
I'll never give it up
Too many things Iæ?³e yet to say
I've done it by myself
And I can do it all again

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Tell Me Lies Lyrics

Swingin Utters – Tell Me Lies Lyrics