Are you guilty of this game that got me in this seat or grateful for the cross that kept Jesus off his feet filling up the tissue box instead of using the sheet wipe off remote control don't push button "delete"
Something sticky, something itchy my visions aren't polite ''cause I'm talkin' 'bout my life the churches on my drive are gloomy in the light

Are you innocent of emission stains on my underwear or indecent, no complaints give a fuck or even care the situation's getting rough odors once foul are now fair are you tugging on the tension strings or are my rings caught in your hair

Something sticky, something itchy be killed my lonely heart and seize when I'm in the crowd a small piece of the biggest part is the easiest to live out grab hold of my stiff limbs and catch me when I fall stick to what you got for the most part it is all (Bonnel/Maurer)
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Something Sticky Lyrics

Swingin Utters – Something Sticky Lyrics