Gagged, ball and chained
Feel just the same
Heads on the wall
Maybe you're just playing games
Set me free
Mauled by her hound
Hangin' around
Is this for real
I don't know when I'll be found
Set me free

Ahh set me free
Ahh set me free, from you

Taken by force
By you of course
Far from my bed
I know I'd rather be dead
Set me free


Fire in my brain
Burn me insane
Making your mark
Don't leave me here in the dark
Set me free
Call me a saint
That's what I ain't
Inside my head
Maybe I'd feel better dead
Set me free

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Set Me Free Lyrics

Sweet – Set Me Free Lyrics

Songwriters: ELFMAN, DANNY
Set Me Free lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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