You broke my heart when you came home with someone else's lipstick on
You shut the door and climb the stair, your attitude is you could care about me
When you pull the covers back and climb into the sack, bet you could do without me
It's me the fool who's always there, and you the fool who never cares

And then I hit it
And I nail my mouth to the evil taste of lipstick
Inhale the scent of someone else's lipstick
Someone else's lipstick
Someone else's lipstick
Someone else's lipstick
Someone else's lipstick
Someone else's lipstick

This ancient form of crass stupidity, you say the thing improves your masculinity
And every time you do it, you could care less if it were really her or me
You know you do it really well, just bad enough for me to tell


So why don't you give me a break, I've had as much as I could take, now we should
I'm tired of making up while you've been making out with someone else's
I suppose it should be heartbreak time, funny thing I'm feeling fine
And then you give it to me one more time



Someone's trashy lipstick
Someone's sticky lipstick
Someone's scarlet lipstick
Someone's purple lipstick
Someone else's lipstick

You know what you can do with your lipstick
You stick around long enough, and I'll give you some lip, and it'll stick
You see I've had enough of your lipstick
So you better pick up and get out real quick
With your lipstick
Your trashy trashy lipstick
Our red and pink and purple lipstick
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Lipstick Lyrics

Suzi Quatro – Lipstick Lyrics

Songwriters: M CHAPMAN, N CHINN
Lipstick lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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