The wind blows the falling leaves
As we wonder where do they blow
Stand on a hill gazing to the black skies
Wishing to follow the wind where it blows
To see what's beyond
Beyond the color of night
I see a face in the horizon
I close my eyes and take the dive
Into unknown depths I fall
When I wake up it's like I'm everywhere
I see everything, understand all
I look around at so many souls
I feel the stench of the tears and the fright
Yet it fills me with power and I grow stronger
I suddenly feel the need to take control
I am before you were
The hurting inside, in it am I
And still they come to my palace of doom
Mortal equals mourn
As their loved ones become my eternal slaves
Counting hours, servants in [Incomprehensible]
Breeding for one purpose, the pleasing of me
You can't imagine what suffering
You have coming if you refuse
Every season I expand
My vision, my creation, my domain
I have become the ruler of the afterlife
Challenge my being, you'll eventually see
That the eyes watching you die, is me
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Journey Into Black Lyrics

Susperia – Journey Into Black Lyrics