1st Verse

Yeah! Uh!

Jovan Yeah I'm Back Again
Chilling In The Lac Counting Money With My Friends
We Aint Make It Yet so I'm Just Seeing How It Feel
I Got Girl She Having Problems See Dr. Phil
I'm Just Tryna Soak It In I'm New In The Game
Why All These niggas Hating On Me? They Feeling Ashamed
I didn't Make It Yet So I don't Have Time To Complain
I'm A New Cat it's Time To Make Room In The Game
I See My Fans They Feeling My Pain
Hoping When It I Make It Everything Will Be The Same
I can't Let Em Down I Promise I Will Never Change
For All The People that's Sticking With Me Before the Fame
And When I Make It I Swear I'll Never Forget Your Name
Moms Called Me Up asking Me How Was My Day
I Said Pretty Good I Could've Had A Better Day
But I'm Just Taking Off Yeah something Like A Airplane
Yeah Girls Always Screaming My Name
I'm 16 Grown Women Running My Way
I Never Looked Back And Had The Chance To Say Hey
I Guess I'm Moving Fast Kinda Like A Jet Plane
Damn. I Sent My Music In But No Reply
I'm tryna Get Signed I Guess it's Harder Than I Thought

Verse 2

(Super Dee Tha Kid)

On The Road To Fam Yeah it's A Long Walk
So I Just Sit And Skate On You Like Tony Hawk
My Mindset Free Something Like A Hippy
But As I'm Spitting No I'm Not Smoking Marijuana
Lyrical Assasain Yeah This Beat A Goner
My Team Killing Your Team Hotel Rwanda
My Flow Cool But My Rhymes Hotter Than A Sauna
I'm Spaced Out But My Swag Higher Than A Comet
Mixtape So Sick It Make You Wanna Vomit
When I Blow Up Kill Yourself Suicide Bombing
How Can You Live In A City When it's Full Of Drama
And I Aint Talking Gangsta Grillz Super Dee A Problem
And Yes The Answer Staying Hidden Something Like Osama
It's All Gonna Come Back You Can Call It Karma
Hip-Hop Inaguration Success Locked In A Safe No Combination
I Done Dealt with a lot Of Hating
And Bad Girls Tryna Mess Up My Concentration
My Concentration Is Money Making And Education
And Whatever I Can Do To Try To Help The Nation
I Do Whatever I Can Do So I Can Get Better
A Fly Kid Setting Trends I'm A Jet Setter
I'm Real Crafty With His Rhymes And I Get Cheddar
The Kid Swagging With His Rhymes While Yall Get Deader
If I Wrote This Down It'll Be A Big Letter
Call Me Grim Reaper Super Beat Just Got Severed
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Unleashed Freestyle Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid & Jovan Muzik – Unleashed Freestyle Lyrics

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