Here we go again
My heart keeps giving in
To you and your crazy love
It's back to this again
My heart keeps giving in
To you and your crazy love

I hadn't heard from you in a while
Since I said it was over
So when you called me the other day
It was a total surprise

You said you still love
Miss me need to be with me
But the days are still passing by
In three months I'll be hearing that same ol' thing
That's how I know it's all lies


You said you would call the next day
How I waited and prayed
That you would
Hell, it's been five days since that
I should have known it
Even your bond on your word ain't no good
If you love me
You'd work a real job
You wouldn't need all them cars

You wouldn't need all that ice on your arm
Anything to be with me
You would do it
But instead your choose to put me through it, oh

I so want to believe in you
But you keep making it so hard to
How much more can my heart take
Is hanging on to us a big mistake

[Chorus: x 2]
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Crazy Love Lyrics

Sunshine Anderson – Crazy Love Lyrics

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