Well it's the high anxiety I'm a victim of
Society high anxiety I'm a victim of society
High anxiety it's my high anxiety getting to the
Best of me

Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna explode and
When I'm approaching total overload I know that
When I'm having a panic attack to duck and cover
'Cause I can feel it coming


This time I feel like I'm gonna die cold sweat the
Fear is paralyzing you know I wish that this was
Over and done heart pounds I can feel it escalating


I don't know why sometimes I wake up in
The middle of the night I don't know why I gasp for
Breath I'm really feeling like I'm on the brink
Of death I wish I could get this crisis under
Control then I could feel some kind of closure
I feel this could go on and on without end I guess
I'll just have to ride it out 'cause

[Chorus: x2]
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High Anxiety Lyrics

Suicide Machines – High Anxiety Lyrics