Limousines, oranges,
Stars, moons,
Submarines, Jeeps,
Glaciers, Cars,
Caterpillars, even grapes

It's none of my business
But you have to eat
Your appetite is appalling

Have some salad
Bite an apple
Suck an orange
Taste the pate
I'm just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life

I've got to eat something
Otherwise I'll just die
But the choice is too great
I can't decide what to eat
I'll possibly just eat the menu?

How would you like strawberry juice?
Or lemon red sea perch?
Bite the kiwi
Have some chicken
I'm just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life

The waiter came with the menu
And said here you go.
I said thank you but
The choice is too great,
Why can't I be a cod
In the depths of the ocean
And just eat small fish
The cod has such simple taste
But I've got all the choice

Oh, you vague customer
You'll have to look somewhere else
You have to find something to eat
So eat a moment

A person
An apple
A feeling
Eat a rock band
I won't complain but
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Eat The Menu Lyrics

Sugarcubes – Eat The Menu Lyrics

Songwriters: Gudmundsdottir, Bj�rk / Benediktsson, Einar / Olafsson, Bragi / Baldursson, Sigtryggur / Jonsson, Thor Eldon / Oernolfsdottir, Margret
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