Bodies in the basement
Bodies in the basement
Bodies in the basement
Get your ass turned into a memory
Bodies in the basement
Bodies in the basement
Rock em off more
Bodies bodies in the basement
If you left it up to me, yea all of em be shot

Cocaine, red rum, heroin, automatic gun
Watch the led come, twerking money then spread some
Nigga you’d die if you’d try me
Warner Brother, my gun is Death Jam, Joey ID
Definitely won’t jam when you ride up beside me
Straight pound, straight A, bring em on my paydays
And every day is payday
I shoot yo shit down like mayday
Ain’t a better rapper, if it is, I don’t know of em
My raise is hoe ass bitch and she’s blowin em
Cuban necktie off buck 50
Realest nigga in rap, come fuck with me
Niggas know and bitches too
LOX, D block, sickest crew
123, showin what the 4 5th will do
I don’t give a fuck about your family that’s missing you


Pretty watch and the pretty whip
Pretty much it’s a pretty gun I get busy with
Playin belly dancing, little fizzy shit
Think the killa nigga want some silly shit
Silly niggas gotta die too, I’m serious
You crip a piroo, couple niggas is curious
Now I’m in my own gang and my style’s furious
Hating niggas, banging niggas,
Wolf pack niggas, show the fame niggas
Quiet niggas do yo thang nigga
To calm down I need a bunch of weed
Or I’ll crack yo head like a pumpkin seed
Or a sunflower, or the shell on a walnut
I’m G’d up but I’m all nuts
Or coocoo, or loco
But I‘m just fine with a 9 and trade ocho
Stay the fuck away from me if you talk to popo


This is beast music provided by Scram and I
Light it up nigga, get phantom high
Try to keep up with the Jones
Keep up with the beats and keep up with the poems
Spittin out the dome while I’m lightin up the zones
See that, or see me lightin up the chrome
You ain’t fuckin with me nigga, neither is yo homeboy
Hardest nigga out, standing all alone boy
You want the title? Set the match up
I’ll push you down and you ain’t getting back up
I’ll fuck around until you’re back up
Phase 2: niggas gonna say go slate you

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Bodies In The Basement Lyrics

Styles P – Bodies In The Basement Lyrics