Stop, don't speak

Tell me something I already don't know the answer to

Why am I always the freak inside your twenty-first century world?

When I pour out my soul
It's been driving me crazy the way that you shrug me off

I remember the time that you laughed
As you strapped me down to your whipping pole

I let you take control

And then you drown my soul

You mask me
I try to hard to forget

The way that you treated (me)
You mask me

Stop, don't move

Just stand right there 'cause I've got something to say

I need you to listen to me

Everytime you reject me like that

It cuts my heart so deeply

How do you know who I am?

Can you see my heart?

Can you see deep inside of me?
Well I know someone who can so back off
And let me live my life His way

Should I be concerned for the lack of control

In my heart, I don't know

You shove me down and you tie me up

You tie me down then you take me back
And you take me, and you take me back again

Can you take me, can you take me back?

I let you take control

You mask me, you mask me

And then you drown my soul

The way that you treated me that day
I never will forget

That Sunday
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Mask Me Lyrics

Strange Occurrence – Mask Me Lyrics